Combating Fear

Posted: January 24, 2013 in Education

(NaturalNews) Before getting to the solution for combating fear we have to look at how, where and why fear manifests. One question that arises regarding fear is: which came first the chicken or the egg?

From the time we are born and really have no perception of consciousness we are subjected to fear. It is instilled in us by our parents, by the pharmaceutical industry, the medical profession, the government agencies, the public health officials and the mainstream media.

We are told that our child is at risk for serious disease if he or she is not vaccinated as soon as they come out of the womb. Then we are told to vaccinate our child every year with new vaccines and old ones as well to reinforce what was already given.

No one stops to think that the original vaccine is supposed to let the body build a resistance to a particular disease. Technically, there is no need for another of what was given before. But the fear has already been created and the mindset of the necessity thereof causes one to go along with the process.

No one stops to think that the blood-brain barrier of an infant is still being created and all these vaccines with their various harmful chemicals like mercury, thimerisol, formaldehyde, squalene and other disasters will pass through that non-existent barrier and have a great chance of creating brain damage in the innocent, unsuspecting child.

Why would this be perpetrated upon an infant and subsequently as a toddler, child, adolescent, teenager and adult? Let’s put it this way: what determines the success of a business? Repeat customers!

So, the pharmaceutical industry, made up publicly traded companies, needs repeat business to flourish. What better place to start than at infancy? And so it goes for the medical profession, the hookers of Big Pharma. All the government agencies like the Fraud and Drug Administration, the Centers for Deceit Control and Procrastination, the Federal Treachery Commission, the Environmental Pollution Agency, etc., are made up of former executives of the pharmaceutical industry. Duh! Selling advertising and not wanting to bite the hand that feeds them then involves the mainstream media.

It is a given that none of the above tells us, as Andreas Moritz says in his book “Vaccine-nation”, that “the fact is that in order to create natural and real immunity to disease, a pathogen must provoke the complete inflammatory and immune response. This is a complex response that resonates throughout the body’s equally complex immune system. When this happens naturally, the body acquires life-long immunity to a particular germ. But for this to happen, the pathogen must pass through natural channels, from outside to inside. For instance, the pathogen must pass from the respiratory system or through the saliva or skin and then to the other organs involved in filtering it out such as the mucus membranes, thymus, liver and spleen. Vaccines do not do this. Instead, they completely bypass the outside-to-inside process by being directly injected, thereby failing to provoke the full immune responses”.

But this instilled fear keeps us coming back for more.

Enter the food companies who sell us MSG and other synthetic chemical laden processes, every imaginable flesh possible, the menstrual cycle of chickens, and anything that brings about a myriad of debilitating diseases.

Yet, the medical community, in their infinite wisdom, tells us that synthetic chemicals are the answer to good health. Why would they do this? I wonder if the fact that their medical school curriculum is funded by the pharmaceutical industry? Then of course the mainstream media, who obtains advertising dollars from the various restaurants that sell these foods, perpetrates the myth of consuming flesh foods. And still we remain in fear of getting cancer, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, constipation, heart attacks, etc.

Years and years ago, when manure was used as fertilizers and vaccines were not rampant and “popular”, hardly anyone came down with these diseases. Then along came the petro-chemical fertilizers to speed up the farming process for the farmers and lo an behold the populous started getting sick and fear really kicked in. People were getting cancer and heart attacks right and left because the petro-chemicals killed the sulfur, the oxygen-promoting mineral in the soil.

Then the ever obscene over-processing of the food supply manifested, which served only to promote shelf life for these health-destroying products (they really cannot be called food).

As these travesties increased and the people got more prone to various illnesses, the doctors had no clue that diseases like cancer, autism, osteoarthritis, depression, asthma, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s represented a lack of oxygen crossing the brain-barrier and going to the affected organs and tissues creating more and more fear, which became obsessive.

The FDA execs made sure to “approve” only those chemicals that benefited their former employers. Never would they permit anyone to know that the oxygen provided by organic sulfur would, in addition to the above, increase tissue flexibility, blood circulation, reduce muscle inflammation, eliminate free-radicals, increase the growth of hair and nails, eliminate wrinkles, reduce hangover time, eliminate parasites from the intestines, help to alleviate PMS discomfort, improve eye and kidney functions, deliver essential omega-3s, eliminate heavy metals and allow the body to produce vitamin B-12.

Then human nature produced a fear of another kind: the fear of not being able to admit you had been wrong about something. Because of this people and corporations, which are made up of people, perpetuated myths that continued to keep illnesses rampant. Fluoride, aspartame, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, and GMOs are classic examples.

In the material world, regarding possessions, there are three fears: One, that we don’t have something we want; two, when we get it we are fearful of losing it and do all we can to protect it; and three, when we lose it again we fear we might not ever get it back. And so the endless process of acquisition repeats endlessly.

People then feared that traditional religion was leading them the wrong path so the flocked to the new-age gurus that told them that they were God. Not only did they tell them that they were God but they had to “learn” they were God. And if they paid them X amount of dollars that could be accomplished.

In the name of fear and God, again people again got screwed.

So, how do we combat fear? The answer is very simple yet hard to obtain. One must turn to God. But how? Everyone has a different concept and approach. First of all He is in the heart of every living entity and waiting for you to turn to Him. In many scriptures of the world He says that if you offer plant-based foods and milk products to Him, He will accept them. This simple act shows Him that by the simple act of eating you are putting Him first and it gets His attention. Since there is killing required in eating, be it plant foods or flesh foods, the killing of the plant or grain is way less violent than slitting the throat of an animal or twisting the head off of a chicken. So, by offering plant-based foods to Him before eating, He removes the karmic reaction of killing the fruit, plant or grain leaving that food spiritually purified. As far as the milk products are concerned, the offering of milk products benefits the exploited cow.

Furthermore, Psalms has countless verses about the benefits of singing God’s names. And, He has millions – all relating to different aspects of His personality. For example: Allah, The All-Compassionate One; Jehovah, The All-Mighty One; Abba, The Eternal Father; Eloi or Eluhanu, The Eternal Friend, Krishna, The All-Attractive Person; Ajita, The Unconquerable One, and on and on.

So, if I may, allow me to offer a simple meditation technique that you can do by yourself or in a group. Two words are involved: Gauranga, meaning the One with The Golden Effulgence and Haribol, meaning praise God’s Name. Phonetically, they are Gaur-ra-an-ga ha-ree-bole. You can do this by yourself or with others. With music, some good chords are G and C, Am and G, Em and D, or F and C.

If you do not believe me the proof is in the pudding. Start a regimen of offering plant based foods and milk products only. Next, take 5 to 10 minutes a day to do Gauranga Haribol meditaion. It can be done softly if you are fearful of those around you or you can do it in your mind.

In time your fears will disappear as you will come to realize that whatever comes your way is His mercy upon you.

This is the way to combat fear. There is no other way.



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